Dilzafer's passion for the stock market ignited during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, where he turned a few hundred dollars into over $10,000 trading derivatives. However, he soon realized that traditional media sources fail to offer actionable insights, while user-generated forums like Wall Street Bets frequently lead to impulsive and inaccurate trading decisions. To bridge this gap, he co-founded Arcafeed, a market intelligence platform for retail traders. Using AI-driven prescriptive analytics, the Arcafeed platform runs fundamental and technical analysis on user portfolios to provide highly intuitive signals, event clusters, and thematic representations of the market. Leveraging generative AI, the platform’s beta version now also provides detailed explanations based on news, tweets, and user-generated content, educating and empowering retail traders. Dilzafer's vision, creativity, and leadership have garnered him recognition, including a spot on Bizjournals' 25 Under 25 list.

Arcafeed Co-founders: Raunaq Mokha (Left), Dilzafer Singh (Right)

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