Dilzafer Singh began his musical journey at the tender age of four. Initially immersing himself in the Gurmat Sangeet Tradition with the Harmonium, he soon fell in love with the intricate rhythms of the tabla. Although not hailing from any direct musical lineage, his commitment and passion led him to learn from tabla maestro Ustad Aditya Kalyanpur of the Pānjab Gharana. He soon was accepted under the tutelage of Pt. Anindo Chatterjee, expanding his mastery.
In his continued exploration, Dilzafer has committed himself to the Jorī, a predecessor of the tabla, in an endeavor to reconnect with his roots and delve deeper into the rich history of the Pānjab Gharana. As a prominent musician in Boston's vibrant music scene, his influence extends beyond just performing, also contributing to the academic world.

Dilzafer Singh, Amit Kavthekar, Suhail Yusuf Khan
Edward B. Gammons Hall

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