During the COVID-19 pandemic, my interest in the stock market flourished as I managed to turn a few hundred dollars into over $10,000 by trading derivatives. I realized that traditional information sources didn't provide actionable insights, and user-generated forums like Wall Street Bets often led to impulsive and inaccurate trading decisions. To address this gap, I co-founded Arcafeed, a market intelligence platform for retail traders. Our platform utilizes AI-driven prescriptive analytics to conduct fundamental and technical analysis on user portfolios, offering highly intuitive signals, event clusters, and thematic representations of the market. Leveraging generative AI, the beta version of our platform now also provides detailed explanations based on news, tweets, and user-generated content, aiming to educate and empower retail traders. My leadership has earned me recognition, including a spot on BostInno's 25 Under 25 list.
See BizJournals reporter Hannah Green's article on Arcafeed:
I was the Assistant Producer of the Harvard-incubated Future of Work Pioneers Podcast. Guests have included Mark Cuban (Owner, Dallas Mavericks), Arianna Huffington (Founder, Huffington Post), Peter Diamandis (Chairman, XPRIZE), Anant Agarwal (CEO, edX), Diane Gherson (CHRO, IBM), Tracy Keogh (CHRO, HP), Michael Fraccaro (CHRO, Mastercard), Joe Duran (Managing Partner, Goldman Sachs), Thomas Kochan (Co-Director, MIT Sloan Institute for Work and Employment Research), and Stuart Russell (Vice-Chair of the World Economic Forum’s Council on AI and Robotics). Learn more at

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